We are a creative consultancy that partners with clients to optimise the commercial opportunities of emerging media.

Every brand and business is being impacted by digital innovation. Rock Badger works with commercial organisations to leverage the extraordinary potential of art combined with data, AI, blockchain and other Web 3.0 technologies to create new business models that powerfully increase engagement between organisations and their customers.

Rock Badger utilises its pool of artistic talent, industry sources and market intelligence to help clients identify new opportunities to boost revenues and keep you relevant.


We have expertise in the immersive potential of art and new technology and how they can increase engagement and drive sustainability. This is a new space but one we have been in since the start. Rock Badger was built to look at the future of consumer engagement and data visualisation and ask the question “what is next?” 

Rock Badger was founded by Calypso Newman in 2022. Calypso’s career has always positioned her at the forefront of art and technology - after graduating from Northeastern University, she began working in art and technology firstly for The Auction Collective and then at Phillips Auction House.

Working in the commercial art world Calypso experienced artists who were using new technology as a medium in their work. Their practice revealed how art and technology are fundamental in creating global, social and commercial change. 


Our values are inspired by the rock badger - who are known for their wisdom and perseverance.


We believe ambition creates impact


Through hard work and transparency


Build long term committed relationships

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