Saeko Ehara

Generative Art

Saeko is a Kirakira (sparkling) artist and VJ based in Tokyo. Her enchanting installations respond in real time to the music they play alongside. Saeko's brilliant, glittery practice spans NFTs, generative video and AI and has been globally exhibited, most recently at the CADAF Art Fair, Gallery - gingakei and Open Lab. We spoke to her about her joyful, europhoric and beautiful work.

What three words would you use to describe your style?

Kirakira (sparkling), joy and spiritual.

Where does your inspiration come from?

My inspiration always comes from memories and joys of my childhood. I was into drawing, collecting Kirakira cards of my favourite Anime, stickers, toys, acrylic jewels, small glassworks and reading illustrated books of flowers. I was so enthusiastic that I always forgot the time passed when I did my favorite things.

How do you use creative coding to make your art glittery and beautiful?

I basically use Houdini and TouchDesigner to make my works. And these software are for the visual coding (node based software). And they help to compose the motifs more organic and natural. In the end, I use Adobe to give glittering effects.

How does music enhance the euphoric experience of you art?

I think the music gives a strong impression to my works. I am mostly working with a Japanese sound artist, Shuta Yasukochi. His music complements something I am not able to express with the visuals. It is more convincing to experience my works both from eyes and ears.

What is next for you ?

I am working already towards to 2023.   I started exploring my new style working with AI and more generative. Exploring new things is something very important for me and brings me a lot of joys.

Find Saeko's work here